8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with LCD Driver with nano Watt XLPTM Technology

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1VPP/MCLR/RE3Programming voltage, Master Clear, General purpose input
2SEG12/VCAP/SS/SRNQ/C2OUT/C12IN0-/AN0/RA0LCD Analog output, Filter capacitor, Slave Select input, SR Latch inverting output, Comparator C2 output, Comparator C1 or C2 negative input, A/D Channel 0 input, General purpose I/O
3SEG7/C12IN1-/AN1/RA1LCD Analog output, Comparator C1 or C2 negative input, A/D Channel 1 input, General purpose I/O
4COM2/DACOUT/VREF-/C2IN+/AN2/RA2LCD Analog output, Comparator Voltage Reference output, A/D Negative Voltage Reference input, Comparator C2 positive input, A/D Channel 2 input, General purpose I/O
5SEG15/COM3/VREF+/C1IN+/AN3/RA3LCD Analog output, LCD Analog output, A/D Voltage Reference input, Comparator C1 positive input, A/D Channel 3 input, General purpose I/O
6SEG4/CCP5/SRQ/T0CKI/CPS6/C1OUT/RA4LCD Analog output, Capture/Compare/PWM5, SR Latch non-inverting output, Timer0 clock input, Capacitive sensing input 6, Comparator C1 output, General purpose I/O
7SEG5/VCAP/SS/SRNQ/CPS7/C2OUT/AN4/RA5LCD Analog output, Filter capacitor, Slave Select input, SR Latch inverting output, Capacitive sensing input 7, Comparator C2 output, A/D Channel 4 input, General purpose I/O
8GNDGround reference
9SEG2/CLKIN/OSC1/RA7LCD Analog output, External clock input, Crystal/Resonator, General purpose I/O
10SEG1/VCAP/CLKOUT/OSC2/RA6LCD Analog output, Filter capacitor, FOSC/4 output, Crystal/Resonator, General purpose I/O
11P2B/T1CKI/T1OSO/RC0PWM output, Timer1 clock input, Timer1 oscillator connection, General purpose I/O
12P2A/CCP2/T1OSI/RC1PWM output, Capture/Compare/PWM2, Timer1 oscillator connection, General purpose I/O
13SEG3/P1A/CCP1/RC2LCD Analog output, PWM output, Capture/Compare/PWM1, General purpose I/O
14SEG6/SCL/SCK/RC3LCD Analog output, I2C clock, SPI clock, General purpose I/O
15RC4/SDI/SDA/T1G/SEG11General purpose I/O, SPI data input, I2C data input/output, Timer1 Gate input, LCD Analog output,
16RC5/SDO/SEG10General purpose I/O, SPI data output, LCD Analog output
17RC6/TX/CK/CCP3/P3A/SEG9General purpose I/O, USART asynchronous transmit, USART synchronous clock, Capture/Compare/PWM3, PWM output, LCD Analog output
18RC7/RX/DT/P3B/SEG8General purpose I/O, USART asynchronous input, USART synchronous data, PWM output, LCD Analog output
19GNDGround reference
20VCCPositive supply
21RB0/AN12/CPS0/CCP4/SRI/INT/SEG0General purpose I/O, A/D Channel 12 input, Capacitive sensing input 0, Capture/Compare/PWM4, SR Latch input, External interrupt, LCD analog output
22RB1/AN10/C12IN3-/CPS1/P1C/VLCD1General purpose I/O, A/D Channel 10 input, Comparator C1 or C2 negative input, Capacitive sensing input 1, PWM output, LCD analog input
23RB2/AN8/CPS2/P1B/VLCD2General purpose I/O, A/D Channel 8 input, Capacitive sensing input 2, PWM output
24RB3/AN9/C12IN2-/CPS3/CCP2/P2A/VLCD3General purpose I/O, A/D Channel 9 input, Comparator C1 or C2 negative input, Capacitive sensing input 3, Capture/Compare/PWM2, PWM output, LCD analog input
25RB4/AN11/CPS4/P1D/COM0General purpose I/O, A/D Channel 11 input, Capacitive sensing input 4, PWM output, LCD Analog output
26RB5/AN13/CPS5/P2B/CCP3/P3A/T1G/COM1General purpose I/O, A/D Channel 13 input, Capacitive sensing input 5, PWM output, Capture/Compare/PWM3, PWM output, Timer1 Gate input, LCD Analog output
27RB6/ICSPCLK/ICDCLK/SEG14General purpose I/O, Serial Programming Clock, In-Circuit Debug Clock, LCD Analog output
28RB7/ICSPDAT/ICDDAT/SEG13General purpose I/O, ICSP Data I/O, In-Circuit Data I/O, LCD Analog output


(typical values under recommended operating conditions, unless specified)
Program Memory14KB
Data EEPROM256Bytes


Note: Data is maintained by an independent source and accuracy is not guaranteed. Check with the manufacturer's datasheet for up-to-date information.