gEDA apps for mac os x

I use the open-source gEDA applications for designing schematics and printed circuit boards. Unfortunately, these are *nix applications, and running them under Mac OS X is a little inconvenient.

To make using these programs on a Mac a little easier, I wrote a set of wrapper applications. Double-clicking one will start X11 and launch the appropriate program. If you keep the apps in the Dock, you can drop files onto their icons to open them. Best of all, the apps create file associations that allow you to simply double-click schematic/layout files in Finder to open them!

Note that the apps are merely launchers—you need to have the gEDA apps already installed. They can be installed through MacPorts or compiled from source.

Click here to download the apps. The package includes launchers for:

The apps should work on 10.5 and later. By default, they assume the gEDA executables are in /opt/local/bin; see the included readme for instructions if they are elsewhere. Source code is included; it can be used to make a wrapper for almost any X11 app.